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What Is at Stake in the War for America’s Soul
Jacksonville, 19 September 2015

You want freedom? Then look into the barrel of a gun. Only there will you find freedom, only there in that space between death and survival.

For once we compromise – once we accept these hollow luxuries, these trappings as reality – we become slaves.

So many of Our Fellow Americans are slaves. So many of our Brothers & Sisters have bowed to the god of money. “Give me a useful degree & a good job,” they say, “and I’ll behave.” “Give me a nice home and a new car,” they say, “because that is what a winner wants.” “I want to start doing yoga again, and maybe buy a new blender for my smoothies. And why go to war with the Government when Bernie Sanders is going to give us everything for free soon?”

Enough! I have had enough! I was not made for a life of compromise, and neither were you. My soul was not built for suburban mediocrity, and neither was yours. I am a war machine engineered for higher worlds – and I would make weapons of you.

You want freedom? Then look into the face of Terror. Only then will you know what you are; only then will you know whether you are hero or pig. When you face your greatest fear, what will you find inside of yourself? A longing for safety and comfort – or the will to conquer?

Listen: You cannot drink your own water here, because it is so filthy. Coca-Cola takes your Jacksonville water, filters it, and sells it back to you as Dasani. Think about that for a minute. The corporations pollute your water to the point you cannot drink it, and then they filter it and sell it back to you. We have been told that this is freedom of enterprise; this is entrepreneurship. But let us call it what it is: corporate ownership of America.

You want freedom? Then prepare for war. The Government must fear you before it will take your demands for rights seriously. What shepherd allows his sheep a seat at the table? And how could our Government pass the laws that it does, tax us like it does, police us like it does, unless it was so certain that we were harmless?

Listen: Ten thousand Syrians are on their way here because they are too cowardly to fight their own Government. We may condemn them as leeches, freeloaders, cowards – and yet look at us. If you drive without a seatbelt, a police officer will pull you over – and if you look like this guy, you’ll be getting searched. You cannot send an email without the Government reading it. You cannot buy a drug that was not first approved by the Government for your consumption. You cannot tell the truth without the Government sending its agents to interrogate your family. The Government, the corporations, and the special interests control every aspect of our lives, and we allow it. Can we really blame the Syrians for running from war and flooding our shores when we ourselves tolerate the enslavement of our wives & children?

You. Let me ask you something: What is a slave?

A slave is one who has no will of his own but does the will of the master.

And this is exactly what is at stake in the War for America’s soul: This War will determine whether the American people are free men & women – or whether they are slaves. Are we our own masters? Or are we slaves to the Government? And to answer that, we must determine who is responsible for our environment, our common land and our soil, our schools and our communities.

You there. Let me ask you something. If you walked down to the water right now, and you saw a ship dumping waste into the bay, whose responsibility is it to stop it?

Initially, it is the captain of the ship polluting the water. If a man can be a law unto himself, then the laws of others become irrelevant. But in order to be trusted as a free individual, you must first have virtue. And if this man had virtue – a sense of responsibility, a sense of harmony with the environment, a sense of duty to his fellow man – he would not be polluting the water to begin with.

If this first man fails to live up to his responsibility, then the responsibility becomes your own. The Government is only tasked with cleaning up the messes of others because we do not want to accept it ourselves. This is the meaning of virtue: That we take upon ourselves the responsibility for our own lives and the world around us.

And this is why I am speaking with you today. If there is one thing you take away from this encounter, let it be this: Freedom comes from within; it is not granted by the Government. A free man declares himself free; he does not wait for another to allow his freedom. A free woman acts as a free woman; she does not wait to be granted license to act as she will. Brothers and Sisters, do not wait for the Government to grant you rights and licenses, or you will die waiting. Though you were born free, you will die as slaves.

But rights cannot exist without concomitant responsibilities. If I have the right to bear arms, I also have the responsibility to learn how to use my weapon. If I have the right to free speech, I also have the responsibility to use it for the benefit of humankind. If I have the right to determine my own destiny, I have the responsibility not to squander my potential. We Americans tend to emphasize rights, privileges, benefits; rarely do we speak of the responsibilities, the duties, the obligations, that come along with them.

Now, at this point, we can be cynical and say, “This all sounds nice & noble & all that – but politics hasn’t changed, and it never will.” So then what are you doing here? [i.e., at this rally] Money controls the System, and it always will. So just go on home! Nothing you can do is going to change the way things are.

Republican or Democrat, Christian or Atheist, you face the same truth: Money owns the law, and that’s the way things are! Corruption is the way of the world, and so shall it always be. Human society is the way it is, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

The United States of America answers to the corporations, the special interests, the dynastic families – not to you. The lobbyists write our laws; the media controls who gets elected; big business owns our politicians; and that’s the way it’s always going to be!

Look at you. Your parents aren’t rich.
You didn’t go to Harvard Law.
You aren’t even male.
What could you ever hope to accomplish?

If this is your mindset, then what I have to say will always be foreign to your ears. Should I make the lame to walk and the blind to see, I could not turn the heart of a cynic into that of a free man. But those of you prepared in heart by trials and tribulations, you who would sacrifice your very lives to keep from these invisible chains, it is to you I speak.

Brothers & Sisters, I tell you of a world that does not yet exist: a world that glorifies the spirit over money, a world in which we control the destiny of our nation – not McDonald’s, not Wal-Mart, not the Israel Lobby.

If you see a ship dumping pollutants into your water, it is your duty to stop it, not the Government’s. Waiting for the EPA to fine an oil company will do exactly what it has done all along: Nothing.

If you see a man being beaten in the street, it is your duty to stop it, not the Government’s. Waiting for the police so you can give a description of the attackers is a gross act of cowardice, unbecoming of free men & women.

If you see injustice in the world around you, it is your duty to stop it, not the Government’s. This notion that the Government is the only entity with the right to protect our families, our communities, our environment; this notion that the individual has no right to take care of his own or to act in this world without permission; this is the notion that has brought our country to the brink of disaster.

Brothers and Sisters: I tell you of a world that does not exist. I tell you of a world that once was and that shall be. You and many like you fear the coming of the Dark Ages – but verily, I say unto you, we are living in the dark ages.

What is more important to Our Fellow Americans? Money or Honor? Convenience or Duty? The Spirit or the material? I ask these things rhetorically, for we all know the answer. The real question, though, is what is important to you? Each and every one of you here, I want you to meditate on this: Are you the reason we are living in the Dark Ages? This is a question I cannot answer for you. Neither can your boyfriend or your boss or your sister or your priest. Each of you must search your hearts and determine whether you have given your all to Life – or whether you have allowed the trappings of life to distract you from what truly matters.

As I said, if you want freedom, look into the barrel of a gun. If you were to die right now, what is the one thing you wish you had done? And why have you not done it?

That is the freedom I am fighting for. I do not give a shit about your freedom to choose Taco Bell or Chik-fil-A. I don’t care about whether AT&T or TWC provides your Internet service. And I think we all know what a fucking joke it is to be “free” to choose between a Republican and a Democrat. True freedom is being in control of your life and being able to put in order the world surrounding you.

If you want freedom, then look into the face of Terror. Face your fears. I urge you not to choose the comfortable, the familiar life. Knowing that there is a Wal-Mart, a Starbucks, and a Pizza Hut down the street might make us feel secure: it is the familiar world in which we are safe: but does your ability to shop there make you free? Face the unknown: there will you find your freedom.

Though I am running for United States Senate, I do not want you to vote so much as I want you to wake up. Though I am a Libertarian, I do not want a Party so much as I want a Movement. And though I am traveling the State making speeches, I do not want consumers of my message so much as I want brothers in arms. As I said, if you want freedom, then prepare for war.

Now, I have been asked: What comes after the War?

Many want to know: What cause are we fighting for?

It is precisely this: A world in which we value virtue over money; a world in which our children may swim in clean waters; a world in which our sisters can walk through the streets at night without fear; in which we do not have to live in constant apprehension as to whether or not our financial system will collapse; in which we do not have to wonder whether the cop on the street is going to beat the shit out of us or open fire; a world in which the Government is run by the people and for the people, not by the corporations and for the corporations; a world in which special interests do not determine what countries we bomb. But most important of all, we are fighting for the Spirit, for the dignity of the individual, for the right and the duty of each of us to determine his or her own fate.

Brothers & Sisters, prepare yourselves for the future. Be strong. Fear not. And may the blessings of the Goddess be upon you.