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Address to Military & Law Enforcement
11 September 2015

Members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America,

Agents of the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies,

Officers of the State and Local Police Departments,

I am Augustus Invictus, and I am your next United States Senator from Florida.

I have chosen today of all days to address you because it is a significant date for all of us, whether as Americans or as soldiers. Fourteen years ago today, I was in boot camp, and my division was called together and told: “This morning at eight o’clock, two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. We are probably going to war. That is all.”

That day marked the beginning of the War on Terror; that day marked my coming of age. My entire adulthood coincides with this violent campaign, and America’s present standing in the world cannot be separated from it.

Dark times are upon us – and I want you to think about what you are going to do. To be honest, what I want is to persuade you of what you should do, and that is this:

Fight for your country, not for your Government.

General, your job is political – but you are no politician.

Director, your function is political – but you know that national security and political tyranny are two different things.

Chief, your position is political – but your goal is justice, not political intrigue.

My fight is no more with you than it is with your men. My fight is with the lawyers & politicians, the anonymous lobbyists & faceless bureaucrats who set your policy, who force your hand to implement measures detrimental to you and your country.

For too long have you served unjust masters. For too long have you protected their interests and harmed your fellow citizens. For too long have you put your own soldiers and your own personnel at risk and sent them to their deaths because of the corruption of our political leaders.

I ask you all, which is your greater virtue: obedience – or duty?

You love your country. Then know this: The men who created this country would be sickened to know what ignoble ends its police and its armed forces served. If George Washington were alive today, he would vomit knowing he served under politicians bought off by special interests. He would be outraged to learn of our total devastation of entire countries for the profits of our corrupt politicians and their friends in business. He would gather his men – and he would march on the City bearing his name.

Which of you has his courage? Which of you loves America more than you love its politicians and the money they give to you? Who among you is loyal to our country – and who to the people running it?

Republicans and Democrats, Congressmen and Presidents alike, have sold you out. They have crippled you with so-called progressive policies. They have turned you against the people, and they have used the media to turn the people against you. They have lied to you in order to send you to unnecessary wars; and then they treat you like murderers and beggars upon your return. This is the reward for your sacrifices.

Certainly, they pay you well: base pay, marriage pay, hazard pay, overseas pay, paid time off, medical coverage, allowances, bonuses, et cetera, etc., &c. But this is not appreciation: This is a bribe. You are being bought off because you are the most dangerous men & women in this country. You believe in distinction by rank; they believe only in money. You believe in honor; they do not even know the meaning of the word. They want you comfortable and appreciative so that you will not question the System that keeps them in power.

But, since the dawn of civilization, it has been the duty of the warriors to lead and to protect the people in times of crisis. And this is most true when the enemy is on our own soil.

Men and women of the military, fellow civilians of the federal agencies and police forces, I want you to look to Washington, and behold our shared enemies:

Your Commander-in-Chief, who despises you and all you do, and yet sends you into harm’s way with more concern for the feelings of your enemies than for your well-being and virtue

Your Senators & Representatives, who take millions of dollars from the oil companies and then send you to the Middle East to kill for the profits of their shareholders

Your Supreme Court Justices, who with serpents’ subtlety warp & corrode the very freedom you thought you were fighting for

The bureaucrats of the administrative agencies, acting as ten thousand petty tyrants to suck the blood of your countrymen like parasites while you are off fighting foreign wars

Can your dignity accept these insults? Are you so peaceful, so docile, so content with your bribes that you have forgotten your sense of duty?

Are you soldiers, or are you sheep? Do you take orders from plunderers and criminals? And when they send you to arrest me, what will you do?

Whether you are a member of the military, a federal agent, or a police officer, we all want the same thing: the restoration of our country’s integrity. We are not enemies: we are countrymen. We believe in duty; in discipline; in honor, courage, and commitment. The politicians who have made the laws and the policies you enforce, they believe only in money; in profit; in luxury and comfort. You and I are brethren, no matter what they tell you.

As I said, dark times are upon us. We no longer know our friends from our enemies. We no longer know as a country what is right and what is wrong. We have confused indulgence with crime and greed with politics. We have been sold the lie that the Russians and the Muslims are our enemies because the politicians do not want us to realize that they are the ones tearing this country apart and bankrupting our children’s generation. If you want to see the true enemies of the American people, look to Washington, D.C.

A final word: I am a patriot, and I am treated as an outlaw. Ask yourself, My Fellow American: Which are you: patriot or outlaw? Now is the time to decide.