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Fireside Chat on Building the Resistance
15 November 2015

Good Evening, Friends.

Tonight we resume our discussion of what is to be done. Last week I spoke of my recommendations, many of them spiritual & ethical, not practical; and while I would not call them preliminary, I would call them foundational. To join a fight for which you are not prepared is self-destructive, to say the least. But now that this has been addressed, we can move on to how you, the Listener, can contribute to the campaign, should you so desire.

It should be clear to all by now that this is not being run as a typical political campaign. I have been criticized as a kid who knows nothing of politics; as a self-deluded narcissist wholly ignorant of what little chance I have of winning a seat in the Senate; and everything in between. But these criticisms come from those who have clearly not considered the possibility that perhaps I am cognizant of the means of conventional politics & have rejected that route; that perhaps my full knowledge of the scant chance of winning a seat in the United States Senate as a Libertarian is exactly the reason I see approaching politics in the conventional manner as puerile, short-sighted, unimaginative, and self-defeating.

We who are waging this campaign are not running for office so much as we are radicalizing the populace. If we can wake the American people to the fact that their Government has turned hostile to them; if we can convince Our Fellow Americans that they need to take responsibility for their own lives, their own families, their own communities; if we can open their eyes to the fact that their forefathers rebelled against their Government for far fewer and far lesser crimes than we see committed by our own; it is my hope that votes will follow. For if we can show the citizens of America that the System has failed and that therefore it should be resisted, then perhaps they will, for once, refuse to vote for the tools of the System and vote instead for the one person promising to challenge it.

To this end, I am far more focused on speeches than parades. I am far more concerned with social media than with mailing palm cards to the suburbs. I find far greater significance in saying what must be said than in saying what the polls tell us are the “hot issues” in America. The so-called “hot issues” are distractions. The conventional methods of outreach are outdated and are, in any case, so thoroughly dominated by the two major parties that a third-party candidate’s attempt on that battlefront would be nothing short of ridiculous. And the more I speak instead of shaking hands & kissing babies, the more I make real, original, diverse speeches instead of the usual, hollow, platitude-heavy stump speeches other candidates use, the more it differentiates our cause from that of the sell-outs invested in perpetuating the injustices of our Federal Government.

It is, therefore, that I ask only this of my supporters: Spread the word that the time for Revolution has come. Share the speeches, share the content posted to the website, the Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, & YouTube pages, and share the Good News as far and as wide as you can.

Those of you with money, please donate what you can. We need $10,000 to appear on the ballot. We need to pay for our minimal overhead. And we need to pay for the campaign materials: t-shorts, flyers, pamphlets, posters, and so on & so forth. We also need to pay for things like hospitality rooms at conventions, travel costs (which to this point I have thankfully been able to pay on my own), press releases, and everything else that goes along with a campaign. We do not need the twenty million dollars the other candidates will be spending over the next twelve months, but neither can we wage the entirety of the campaign free of any costs. Your donations – and the donations of your friends & family – will help greatly in this regard.

Those of you who live in Florida, I ask that you volunteer your time. We need you to schedule speaking engagements at your local colleges, clubs, and political affiliates. We need you to schedule fundraisers, banquets, and the like in your town. But once those engagements are scheduled, we also need everyone to attend. I have been told on multiple occasions by various people: “I would love to make it to your speech tonight, but I have to pick up the kids”; or “I wish I could be there, but I won’t be off work in time”; or “I would have been there but I figured I wouldn’t get there in time, so I skipped it.” To the minds of many Floridians, the cause is equally well-served by watching the video of the speech the next day. To this sentiment I would respectfully but firmly respond that effective activism involves showing up, not in the chat room, but in person. Otherwise, this entire campaign would boil down to all of us shaking our heads in agreement with each other. Otherwise, our entire movement will be characterized by talk instead of action, which has been precisely the problem all along. When volunteers attend events, we are better able to collect email addresses, gather petition signatures, collect donations, and all the other dirty work that goes along with a campaign. And whether volunteer or regular audience member, you will be making connections with like-minded persons and strengthening the solidarity of the movement with your attendance. So when you hear of a campaign event in your city, I ask that you attend rather than showing your support from the sidelines. You owe it to your country, to the movement, and to yourself, to give your best effort and to live this moment in history with your full heart.

Those of you who live in the United States, whether in Florida or not, I ask that you do what you can to spread the message, and that message is this: FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY, NOT FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT. Collect the email address of every media contact you can find in your home State, and email it to us so that we can add it to our own media contacts. Reach out to any reporters, journalists, columnists, podcasters, or bloggers you know to arrange for stories & interviews. Share the campaign content as far & wide as you can on social media. Plaster your campuses, bars, and coffee shops with flyers. It matters not whether you live in Florida or California or Texas or Illinois. We are running a national campaign to unite disparate subcultures who have been marginalized in our political system: Libertarians, anarchists, the alternative right, metalheads, psychonauts, religious minorities. While a mushroom farmer in Oregon may not be able to vote in Florida, he can send work to his Floridian friends about the Senate candidate who would legalize psychedelics. And while a Santera in New York may not be able to vote in Florida, she can send word to her Floridian friends about the Senate candidate who shares her religious beliefs.

This may seem far-fetched or overly ambitious to the more cynical listener. But as it happens, Marco Rubio himself set the precedent for running a national campaign for the very office I am seeking. See, when Rubio was running for this seat in 2010, he was running against Charlie Crist, who was Governor of Florida at that time. Well Rubio was just a State legislator back then, and it seemed to everyone in the know that it would be impossible to beat the Governor in a primary. It was also well-known that the press in Florida would strongly favor the Governor and kill Rubio’s campaign with silence. In fact, the question he was most asked in the first months of his campaign was, “When are you going to drop out of the race?” Rubio’s campaign team came up with a novel solution to this: they would reach out to the national press and hope that it boomeranged back into Florida – because if the rest of the country is talking about it, the Floridian press would be forced to, as well. This approach worked so well that Governor Crist ended up running as an independent instead of a Republican, and Rubio still won over 50% of the vote in a three-way race.

As I have said many times in various addresses, we must attack our enemy’s strategy, not its strongholds. To go dollar-for-dollar and campaign-ad-for-campaign-ad against the Republican & Democratic machines, backed by limitless funds, untellable media influence, and entrenched cultural prejudices, is suicide. The best chance we have is to break all the usual rules of campaigning; not to resign ourselves to being lapdogs at the Masters’ table, but to overturn it.

For those of you who do not live in the United States, there is not much I can ask of you beyond sharing my speeches and writings. We Americans are wary of foreign influence on our political system – (which is ironic in many ways, if you think about it) – and we hope at all times to avoid any appearance of foreign influence. But I am grateful for your support, and it certainly would not hurt the campaign for the message to spread to foreign lands – especially those that might be interested in hearing of an American politician attempting to implement a non-interventionist foreign policy.

In brief summation, we need donations, volunteers, and supporters willing to attend events & spread the message. This campaign of ours is truly grassroots, not the kind pretending to be “of the people” while backed by billionaires. We are building the resistance; we are recruiting our countrymen and radicalizing the populace. Every dollar and every volunteer pushes us closer to our goal. So if you want to help with the campaign, get in contact with us at

This concludes our discussion on practical contributions to the campaign. Next Sunday will be my final Fireside Chat of the year, at which time I will discuss my legislative agenda. In the meantime, please do contact us if you are interested in supporting the campaign.

Good night to you all, and thank you for listening.