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Fireside Chat on the Citizen against the System
08 November 2015

Good Evening, Friends.

Tonight, and for the next two Sundays, I would like to speak with you about what is to be done. Several of my supporters have inquired as to how they can help; I have been asked in interviews how the average citizen might best effect change in our country; and I have been rightly critiqued for seeming to focus on the problems our country faces without proposing concrete solutions to those problems. Some have found it disconcerting that I am asking to be elected to federal office – which is to say that I am seeking power – without giving any real plan for what I am going to do with that power once attained. Because of these inquiries and critiques, I have decided to devote this section of our Fireside Chats to addressing them.

Tonight I will speak of my proposals concerning what the average citizen can do to challenge the System. Next Sunday I will discuss how the listener can help with this campaign. And the following Sunday I will discuss my legislative agenda. To this point, I believe we have discussed my philosophical outlook and political principles at length. We now discuss action.

The very first thing I want each and every one of you to do is destroy your television. And no, I am not joking.

Who sells you the wars we are fighting, if not the mass media?

Who has convinced you that the System is omnipresent and eternal?

Who has convinced you that events in your country are beyond your control?

How is culture homogenized and disseminated in America? It is certainly not through the museums and the art shops anymore. It is through the television that you are sold a lifestyle approved by the ruling class, taught how to think and how to speak, how to dress and what to buy.

If you want to be free of your chains, then sever the first and most powerful: the tool by which you are educated, inculcated with the values of slaves, in the comfort of your own home.

Once freed of this distraction, you will be able to commence a ruthless self-examination, which is my second recommendation for any person interested in taking part in the Revolution. Look to the American, French, Bolshevik, and Fascist Revolutions, and you will find the same truth: the great upheavals of history are propelled by a Spirit, not by an intellectual principle or rational argument.

And what is the Spirit of this age, My Fellow Americans? What propels us toward a conflict of epic proportions? To know these things, you must look inside yourself – not to your neighbor, not to me, not to the political pundits – and ask yourself what you value most in life. Are you the sort of person who can devote his life to an ideal and sacrifice your comfort, your safety, your good standing? Or would you prefer we keep trying to fix the System with all the old, familiar means? Not every man was born to be an astronaut, or an explorer of the deep sea – or a revolutionary. Before proceeding along this path, you must know what you are made of; before seeking to change the world, you must know who you are, what you stand for, and what you are willing and able to endure.

To know what you stand for, you must educate yourself, and this is my third recommendation to the listener. Now of course we cannot expect every revolutionary to be a doctor of political science – but it stands to reason that a man and woman must understand at least the rudiments of the cause he or she is fighting for. Become familiar with our heritage: Jefferson & Hamilton, Washington & Adams, Henry Clay & Patrick Henry. But learn also the works of our enemies. For how could you know the worth or worthlessness of communism without having read Marx & Engels, Lenin & Mao, Guevara & Fanon?

My fourth recommendation is to set the example in yourself. It is easy to say, “The Government should do this,” or “The American people should do that” – but it is far more difficult for us to do in the present what we would like to see done by others in the future. So instead of saying, “People need to speak out!”, speak out yourself. Instead of saying, “People need to stand up to the Government!”, stand up yourself. Yes, you may be crushed, but in your self-sacrifice you set an example. If you are waiting for another group or another movement to change the government and the world, you will be waiting until death. You are the movement.

My fifth recommendation is to prepare for war. This is a War of the Spirit against the Machine: prepare yourselves, lest the comfort given to you by the dull roar of the Machine crowds out what room your heart had for the fire of the Spirit. This is a war of the citizen against the System: prepare yourselves, lest you become the prey of its agents. This is a war longstanding, waged since before many of us were even born. But a cataclysm comes, and when it does, rhetoric will matter little. Contests are decided not by which ideology is correct but by which side is prepared for the battle. Prepare your bodies, steel your hearts, and load your rifles.

My sixth recommendation is to teach your children. Do not leave this to the television and the schools. Do not assume that they will figure it out along the way. Your children are your greatest contribution to the world: see to it that you have instructed them to be noble, to be strong, to be courageous. When you teach them about the meaning of America, teach them virtue, as well. And let us pray that virtue outlasts the fall of this corrupt republic.

My seventh recommendation is to volunteer in your community. It is all fine & well to revile the Government for failing our communities; but if you do not engage in the community yourself, then how do you have any right to criticize those in power? If we stop looking to the Government as the answer to the problems we see in our communities, and we start looking to ourselves as being the responsible parties, then we may very well see a change for the better. Volunteer to read at your local elementary school; to clean up trash on the road; to help at the hospitals; to feed the hungry. Do what must be done, and external organizations will become superfluous.

My eighth recommendation is to constantly reevaluate your motives, your perspectives, and your strengths & weaknesses. I am often commended by my supporters for speaking the truth. I am often commended for my bravery. But I must ask myself daily: What is truth? And when I look into the mirror I must ask: Is what you are doing brave – or stupid? Do you show courage when you speak out against the System – or do you rail in an impotent rage because you are too alone, and therefore too weak, to take up a rifle? When you lose this election, will this all have been for naught? And how many will you have failed? Is your self-indulgence a betrayal of those who believe in you? Are you a leader, or are you a fraud? Brothers and sisters, I share with you my darkest thoughts so that you may have the strength to face your own. Without self-evaluation, there will be only self-deception. Remember why you fight; remember what you are fighting for; or you may become lost like so many who enter into the political sphere.

My ninth recommendation is to become politically active. Write your Representatives and your Senators. Protest. Engage with your local political party. Talking about politics is one thing; becoming active is another. If you would see the drug war ended; if you would see our Bill of Rights restored; if you would see America once again leading the world in liberties instead of incarceration rates; then take the time to act.

My tenth and final recommendation, which is also a request, is to assist with the campaign. This we will discuss next week. For now, Dear Listener, strengthen yourself, your family, and your community. The rest will surely follow.