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Fireside Chat on Rooting out the Collaborators
25 October 2015

Good Evening, Friends.

Tonight I would address the gravest danger to our cause: not the White House or the FBI or the NSA or the local police, but the collaborators.

And who are the collaborators? They are the ones who profess to want freedom but who are comfortable with the status quo; the ones who want to do politics the way everyone else is doing it; the ones who feel threatened by a revolution against the System because they might lose what they have gained within the System.

The collaborators are the ones who call us lunatics, because they cannot imagine a world without the present System ruling over them.

The collaborators are the ones who exclaim with joyful resentment that we have “zero chance” of winning a federal office, because we are not playing the game by the rules they are used to.

The collaborators are the ones who do not want to disrupt the System; what they want is to be invited into the System and given a place at the table with the Republicans and the Democrats, the corporate heads and the bureaucrats, and all the other powers that be.

I say these collaborators are the gravest danger to our cause because they are the ones shooting us in the foot and stabbing us in the back. They claim to be a part of our cause, and yet they are always the first to start slinging mud at their own people and tearing down those who do not abide by their short-sighted servility.

I have recently had several speaking engagements canceled in North, Central, and South Florida, not because of the strength of the Republican opposition, but because Libertarians were afraid of the heat they would be taking in allowing me to speak. I was recently denounced to the media by the Executive Council of the Libertarian Party of Florida, not because of the power of the Democratic opposition but because of the weakness of the so-called leadership of the Libertarian Party.

The very people who claim to stand for freedom of speech are engaging in blackmail & blacklisting. The very people who claim to stand against the System have tried to throw under the bus the only candidate they have who has stated his intentions of disrupting the System and demonstrated his ability to do so. It is not the Republicans and the Democrats who have torn apart the Libertarian Party and tried to sabotage our campaign: Libertarians have done this all on their own.

And this is why I say & I say again that the collaborators are the gravest danger to our cause. They would rather destroy the Party – and they have tried their best! – than to work with those who do not fit the mold cast by the System.

Those who act in the name of the System are our enemies, yes – but they are not nearly as inimical to our cause as those who claim to be enemies of the System while bowing & scraping to it and destroying those who challenge it. The trolls, the sellouts, the N.A.P. dogmatists, the Marxist infiltrators, the closet Republicans and plotting social justice warriors, these are the people who tear us apart from inside & out. At least the Republicans and the Democrats have the integrity to declare what side they are on. Those, on the other hand, who pretend to care for freedom while undermining those who fight for freedom are traitors to us, to our cause, and to our country.

That may sound like a harsh judgment, but it is warranted. The collaborator is not motivated by the cause but by self-interest. He wants prestige, money, influence. He wants to maintain his position in the Party, his good relations with the press, his reputation with elected officials. Though he feigns friendship to the cause, he has no true integrity, and he will always be a hostile element to the revolutionary.

That being said, I urge the listener not to consider this Fireside Chat a divisive statement or an encouragement to further disunion. We will continue to work with all people who share our goal, whether Libertarian or anarchist, constitutionalist or nationalist, secessionist or overthrower. We do not require that our fellows agree with us on much of anything beyond the need to disrupt the System and restrain the Federal Government.

But to those of you within our movement who see fit to act against us, I say: To sabotage us makes you our enemy. To spend your days & nights undermining the cause instead of spending your time & energy fighting the Government is the definition of betrayal. If you collaborate with our enemy, then you become our enemy, as well.

I call upon all of you who have acted thus to ask yourselves what motivates you. If it is money & prestige & the like, then at least have the decency to admit it. But if you find that what drives you is the desire for freedom or the ideal of justice, I ask you to let go of your prejudices and stop living lives of compromise with a tyrannical and fundamentally unjust System.

To all of you listening, whether fellow fighter or supporter, whether sympathetic government agent or you, there, sitting on the fence, I insist that you examine yourselves and determine whether you want to make history or whether you want your legacy to be a nameless footnote. Systems are ended not by backscratchers and sellouts but by men & women of force & fire. The creation of New Worlds requires uncompromising bravery and indomitable will. Leave behind the petty backstabbing and the short-sighted sabotage, renounce the underhanded tactics of our enemies, and join with us. From coast-to-coast, we Americans share the same struggle for freedom and for justice, for the dignity of our country and the future we leave our children. Let us fight for that cause and not against each other.