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Fireside Chat on the Crisis of Leadership in the Libertarian Party of Florida
27 September 2015


Fellow Members of the Libertarian Party of Florida,

In the seventeenth century, in a small New England town, several women were accused of witchcraft and made to stand trial. The accused shared similar traits: they were female; they were widowers; they were wealthy; and by virtue of being affluent women without a male to lord over them, they were threats to the power structure of the so-called leadership of the town.

Though the townspeople condemned those dangerous women, it was history that condemned the witch hunters. Their brazen crimes against decency and humanity itself have stood as examples of what dangers lurk when the blind hatred and envy of low-minded men be allowed to run unchecked.

Today we see the same fearmongering, the same base hatred, the same vile slander, not in New England, but in Florida; not by the Puritans but by the Libertarians; not against suspected witches but against suspected neo-Nazis.

In last week’s Fireside Chat I extended the olive branch of peace to my enemies. I stated that we must lay down our swords and work together for a common goal. In response to this plea for peace, they have moved to suspend my membership in the Libertarian Party of Florida; they have moved to ratify the witch hunt initiated by Adrian Wyllie; and most nefarious of all, Wyllie has moved for a vote of No Confidence against himself.

This seems strange, you say, that the Chair should bring such a motion against himself. It is not so strange at all, actually. This is the tactic of all tyrants throughout human history. The tyrant, when questioned, must determine who is loyal and who disloyal, i.e., who will follow him blindly and who will not. The text of his motion reads as follows:

“LPF Chairman Adrian Wyllie has spoken strongly against Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus, and against LPF members who have affiliations with known neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations. Wyllie has done so without specific authorization of the LPF EC. He has expressed (and he reaffirms here) that he will continue to speak for the LPF on these matters, even without approval from the EC. Therefore, he exceeds his authority as LPF spokesman. I hereby move that Adrian Wyllie be asked to resign.”

He admits in his own motion that he has exceeded his authority as LPF Chair. He has admitted publicly that he knows he has willfully violated the bylaws of the LPF. Still, he knows that the Executive Committee will not vote against him, because he knows he has enough friends in the EC to defeat his own motion. The benefit of bringing such a motion against himself then, is two-fold: on the one hand, it allows him to see who abstains or votes No Confidence, which will show him who his enemies are; and on the other hand, it will allow him – after the vote against him fails – to claim that the Executive Committee has actually supported him in his witch hunt all along.

This brings us to the second motion, which reads: “Motion to ratify the actions of the chair in speaking strongly against a Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate and against LPF members on the topics of racism and eugenics.” This motion asks the Executive Committee to bless Adrian Wyllie’s witch hunt from this point forward. An approval of this motion will grant license for Wyllie – and therefore all of his followers – to continue this farce with an air of legitimacy.

The third motion concerns the suspension of my membership and reads: “I move under Section 6 to suspend the membership of Augustus Sol Invictus for violating the NAP pledge with his repeated calls for civil war.” If the person who made this motion had bothered to listen to a single one of these Fireside Chats – or any of my speeches – he could have saved himself the trouble. But why bother to give consideration to my statements when it is so much easier to jump on the bandwagon and parrot what Adrian Wyllie says?

You must ask yourselves, Fellow Libertarians, why these people do not bother to listen to my speeches before claiming to know the content of those speeches; why they do not offer the people they slander the chance to defend themselves; why they value loyalty to Adrian Wyllie more than they value the dignity of the Party; why they call themselves Libertarians and yet resort to the Soviet tactics of blacklisting, censorship, and libel; why they make motions to suspend members and disaffiliate organizations with whom and with which they disagree; why they seek to expel a candidate from the Party by a majority vote of the Executive Committee instead of allowing you to vote for your own candidate in a primary.

Why do these people attempt to run the Party as an exclusive faction? Why do they seek to drive members away instead of growing the Party? Why do they focus all their energy on tearing people down instead of promoting the message of the Party? Why do they care more about patting each other on the back and cursing those who disagree with them than they do about fighting the Government?

If our leadership were doing their jobs, they would be growing the Party, not attacking those who support my campaign. There is work to be done, and yet more than half of the motions on the agenda for the next Executive Committee meeting concern Adrian Wyllie’s crusade. Think about that. And let us take a moment to wonder what constructive things the leadership of our Party could be doing if they were not spending the majority of their time waging this campaign of fearmongering, hatred, and deceit.

Fellow Libertarians, I need you to take the Party back from this unruly group of shadow gamers. I need you to contact the members of the Executive Committee and tell them that you will not stand for this injustice. I need you to contact your Regional Representatives and tell them that you do not appreciate being kept in the dark while these disgraceful motions are being made without your knowledge.

You may dislike me; you may disagree with everything I say; you may secretly wish for my assassination; and that is fine. But this is a far greater issue than me and my campaign. This is about rank injustice being perpetrated by the so-called leadership in your name. This is about their attempt to validate a modern-day witch hunt by using your ignorance of the situation – and your consequent silence – as their justification. This is about the very integrity of the Libertarian Party itself.

As I have said in address after address, history will judge us all. Write your Regional Representative, write the officers of the Executive Committee, and tell them that the Libertarian Party is still the Party of Principle, and so should it remain. Once this is remembered, perhaps we can lay this conflict to rest once and for all. Perhaps then we can move forward, for the good of the Party and of the country.