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Fireside Chat on the Libertarian Party of Florida
20 September 2015

Good Evening, Friends. Tonight I want to speak with you about the present situation concerning the Libertarian Party, generally, and my hopes for the Libertarian Party of Florida, specifically. I hereby call for the immediate cessation of all hostilities within the Party, and for a concentration of all forces in furtherance of our common goal.

America now looks to the Libertarian Party for leadership. The American people look to us as their hope of destroying the corruption of the two-party system and bringing real change to this country. Even the media hails Libertarianism as fashionable, holds up our movement as the one, true contender against the Republicans and the Democrats. The coming election cycle could be our time.

And yet look at us. Instead of concentrating all efforts on growing the Party and getting Party members elected to office, we spend our time devouring each other. Instead of writing position papers on relevant issues, we spend our time writing in irrelevant social media threads. Instead of building up our regions and our counties, we spend our time tearing each other down as individuals. Instead of helping each other with outreach efforts, we snipe each other in the media. We must ask ourselves what the point of all this senseless cannibalism is.

We must ask ourselves: What is the aim of politics? Is it to debate ad nauseam until one of us proves he is the smartest, the wisest, the most ideologically pure? Is it to insult our enemies and cause them to whimper as they flee the virtual battleground? Is it to look down upon those who are too stupid to agree with us? No. There is only one aim of politics: To take power.

And in order to take power, we must be united. We live in an age of mass democracy, in which numbers mean everything. It may be that our forefathers were revolted by the mob; it may be that the republic they created was intended to be a bulwark against popular sentiment; it may be that matters of Government should be a question of quality, not of quantity; but the fact is that we do live in a mass democracy. That is the reality of our situation. We, therefore, need numbers to win public offices, and we need to put all petty personal rivalries aside in order to grow our numbers.

If you are dividing the party instead of helping it grow; if you are rooting out the dissenters instead of promoting the message; if you are vetting fellow Party members based on their loyalties to one charismatic personality or another instead of trying to include those who wish to fight for the cause; if you are encouraging infighting instead of seeking to mend wounds; then the only direction you can lead the Party is straight into the ground.

America now looks to us for leadership. And if we would lead this country, then we must first demonstrate that we understand the concept of leadership within our own Party. For why should the American people trust us to solve the conflicts between the Republicans and the Democrats, the whites and the blacks, the business owners and the workers, if we cannot even solve our own conflicts?

I will not mention names, for my enemies know full well who they are, and doing so would only serve to reinforce the divisions between us. Suffice it to say that I am officially and publicly extending the olive branch of peace, in the hope that we might work together toward a common goal instead of wasting our time biting at each other.

We must lead by example. This means setting aside our personal differences and working for the public good. And if this means that I must be the first to cease fire and risk being shot, then so be it. But we have too much to do for this to continue. Our Party, our country, and our world all need us to get our act together.