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Fireside Chat on the Justifications for Revolution
30 August 2015

Good Evening, Friends.

Tonight I want to talk with you about the justifications for Revolution.

What is it that makes a revolt against the Government a right?

And what makes it a duty?

Keeping in mind that Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, and the like revolted against their rightful Government over taxes – and that a tax on tea was their breaking point – let us ask ourselves whether we have not suffered far greater injustices than did our forefathers.

To do so, let us look to the Declaration of Independence, that incendiary document that embodies the spirit of the American Revolution against the King of England, and see how our situation compares:

That document tells us that the King of England refused to assent to laws necessary for the public good. Do we not have a thousand examples of our Federal Government doing the same? And has it not, in fact, passed countless laws that act against the public good and for the good of special interests?

The King of England forbade his Governors in America to pass certain laws. Has not our Federal Government interfered with the States in the same way? We need look no further than the War on Drugs to see that the Federal Government forbids the States from regulating their own health and safety.

The King of England tried to keep people from populating the colonies when America was but a wilderness. Now that America has become overpopulated and choked with pollution & urban sprawl, our Federal Government does nothing to stop the flood of immigration that now overburdens us. It does not even enforce its own laws in this regard.

The King of England made Judges dependent on his Will alone; we see our judges politicized and dependent on the will of the media and the mob.

The King of England erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent to America swarms of Officers to harass our forefathers and eat out their substance. Our Federal Government continues to expand its already enormous bureaucracy, sinks billions of dollars into its countless departments and agencies, and places their offices throughout the country, from coast to coast.

The King of England kept Armies in the colonies. Our Federal Government keeps its agents in our cities. It gives assault rifles, tanks, helicopters, amphibious assault vehicles, and other military-grade weaponry to our local police, encouraging their militarization and further dividing our law enforcement officers from our communities, our people from our local governments.

The King of England treated the military as independent of and superior to the civil power. Our Federal Government has allowed the ghost sites of the CIA; the perpetuation of the embarrassment of the detention center at Guantanamo; and the invasion of countries inconsequential to American interests; all to the dishonor of the American people.

The King of England quartered large bodies of armed troops among our forefathers. Our Federal Government places its soldiers in our midst and wages a war on our own soil. Look to the federal drug laws; look to the viciousness & brutality of the DEA in American cities, and in Central and Latin America; look to the militarization of the local police by the Pentagon’s weapons programs; and tell me that the Federal Government has not escalated the drug war to the detriment of the States and the American people.

Many of our ancestors came to this country to escape the tyranny of their homeland. But we, My Fellow Americans, we have nowhere left to run. Should we move any further West, we would drown ourselves in the ocean. We cannot avoid the fact that our Federal Government has permeated every State and every community. Its dictates govern the most minute aspects of our lives. Its methods are insidious; its puppetmasters invisible.

Make no mistake: Our enemy is on American soil. Our enemy is not a King 3,000 miles away. Our enemy is in the White House. Our enemy is in the Capitol building. Our enemy is in every IRS office across the country. Our enemy is in the national leadership of the Republican and Democratic Parties, the editorial teams of the major news stations, the boards of directors of the megacorporations.

We Americans overthrew a King so that we might be self-governing. And yet, if we look to history, it seems we Americans overthrew a King to make way for the dictatorship of special interests.

And so I ask you: Have we not suffered greater injustices than the generation of Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams? Has our Federal Government not wrought upon us greater wrongs than the King of England ever wrought upon our forefathers, even in the darkest days of the colonies?

I daresay our forefathers would be ashamed of our cowardice and our inaction. For we have insulted their nobility, and we have shamed our own integrity, in cherishing comfort over honor and in preferring our self-interest over the public interest. We have chosen parasitism over patriotism.

I am asking you, Dear Listeners, to stop being consumers.

I am asking you to become patriots.