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Fireside Chat: On the Challenge of Our Age
07 June 2015

Good Evening, Friends.

I want to speak with you tonight about the struggle of the Spirit against the system. It is the challenge of our age, just as it has been the challenge of all ages before us: to accept the present corruption or to revolt; to continue in the old way of doing things or to change; to conform or to create.

As I address you, I face a wall covered in academic degrees and law licenses, the trophies of my credibility in a system that has lost all credibility. How many universities have turned out our credentialed political leaders of today – and what was their education worth? We have all been educated so that the system may continue. We have all been given our credentials so that we might perpetuate the system that gives us our status. We have been bribed by the system by being made leaders of it. Our chains are what give us influence.

We politicians are nothing more than the field’s overseers; but I have no desire to keep fellow slaves in order.

We politicians are nothing more than disposable middlemen; but I have no desire to fall in line.

We politicians are nothing more than paid-for pawns; but I have no desire to do the masters’ bidding.

I would rather revolt than submit. I would rather lead you all against the slave-owners, than to be another puppet on horseback. My rifle is aimed not at the grocers, the schoolteachers, the mechanics, the fast food workers, the truck drivers, the electricians, the small business owners; my rifle is aimed at the people who set you to picking cotton in the field. My rifle is aimed at those holding America in chains. All our rifles should be aimed at the masters, not at each other.

This weekend I attended the State Convention of the Libertarian Party of Florida in Pasco County. There Mr. Alexander Snitker made a most insightful remark. He said, “The enemies are not in this room. The enemies are on the City Councils. The enemies are in the State legislatures. The enemies are in Washington, D.C.” I would like to speak in support of Mr. Snitker’s wisdom and to call for the unity of our purpose.

In that spirit, congratulations are in order: to Mr. Adrian Wyllie on his election as Chair; to Mrs. Lynn House on her election as Vice Chair; to Mr. Omar Recuero and Mr. Jared Jones on their elections as At-Large Representatives; and to all the Regional Representatives. As Ms. Carla Howell said in her address to the Convention, “Ideas have consequences” – and so I pray that you will all lead our Party in the spirit of rebellion rather than to continue to do things in the way the two major parties have done.

We all talk of ending corruption; so let ours be a Party of principle.

We all talk of ending crony politics; so let ours be an inclusive Party.

We all talk of breaking the mold; so let us not fall into the trap of conformity.

We all talk of fighting the mindless political culture; so let us engage in free & fair discussion.

We all talk of standing opposed to the establishment; so let us not make heroes of those who have gained money and fame from perpetuating it.

Now is the hour of decision: Do we continue on as outsiders and keep our dignity? Or do we change from being an independent third party to being a third-rate Republican Party? Do we embrace the system and learn the old song & dance in order to gain more members? Or do we continue to struggle against that system and inspire others to join us in rebellion?
As I said, this is the challenge of our age, just as it has been the challenge of all ages before us. This is the essential human struggle, whether to conform or to create. It is not the task of the politicians and our State Party leaders alone. It is a choice we all must make, as individuals.

I hope you will choose what is noble. I hope you will choose to put yourself at personal risk. I hope you will choose to fight. The system is not invincible; together we can bring it to an end.