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Captain, Lawyer, Agitator, Rebel

Augustus Sol Invictus for Senate

The most dangerous Libertarian in America.

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People are Talking

A trailblazer and game-changer, Augustus Invictus and his uncompromising message are radically challenging how people view him, his purpose, and his campaign. Just listen to what some of these folks have to say:

I had the incredible opportunity to meet Florida's next senator last night ... 2016 U.S. senatorial candidate Augustus Invictus. I strongly encourage everyone who doesn't already know of him, or who has heard of him in an unfavorable manner, to attend one of his meetings. I was a fence sitter, but meeting him in person seriously changed my mind. There is no doubt in my mind that this man is capable of all the things he wants to do in office.

While I put no stock in politicians or our congress, I have hope that [Augustus] sets a precedent. That no longer will we be managed by those in Washington. That we will no longer bow to the whims of their lobbyists. That we as a people will rise up and claim our freedom. And in that I do endorse Mr. Invictus.

People are finding out about you. People (with a brain) see that you know the law. You are reaching more and more people all over the place, every single day. Every time somebody bad mouths your name, people look for you and then understand what you truly are saying. The more bad press, the more people look and agree with you.

The Black Pilgrimage

The journey that started it all. Augustus tells in his own words of his pilgrimage to the Mojave Desert.

Read The Black Pilgrimage  

In the News

Latest Interviews!

Any media representative wishing to schedule an interview with Augustus Invictus may inquire at press@invictusforsenate.com.

24 June 2016
News Without Filters

SPECIAL GUEST!! U.S. Senate Candidate Augustus Invictus Makes Official Ballot (ASI on at about 30:45)

03 June 2016
Rebel Yell 120

Augustus Sol Invictus & Johnny Monoxide

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For Immediate Release

June 22, 2016


Tallahassee – On the opening day for qualification to U.S. Senate ballot, Augustus Invictus was the first Libertarian Candidate to deliver by hand the filing fee in excess of $10,400 to the State Capitol on Monday.

“The financial burdens are always the worst problem for third party candidates,” said Invictus. “Ballot access was a major hurdle, and we all feel a great sense of accomplishment of having overcome it.”

Invictus said he is focused on victory in both the Aug. 30 primary and the Nov. 8 general election. He said in the coming months, he will challenge all opponents to public debate.

“I plan to win the primary, and then I will debate the winners of the Republican and Democratic primaries — assuming they have the stones to debate with a Libertarian in full view of the voting public.”

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Fireside Chats

Fireside chats express the heart of the Invictian agenda and touch upon current issues of vital concern to the campaign and the future of western civilization.

On Civilization & the Gods 22 May 2016

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On the Campaign Trail ...

At the Florida State Libertarian Convention

"Powerful speech. Excellent delivery. A far cry from the mindless dictates of the vast majority of candidates the voters love and throw money at, who speak of 'standing up' in Washington (whatever that means) and make baseless economic promises allegedly 'for the children' ... Quite refreshing Mr. Invictus!"

—Bill Wohlsifer

From the Campaign Trail

The Possibility of Revolution
Full transcript of all speeches from the Florida State tour, May 2016

The LSD Diaries are HERE!

Read Augustus Invictus' From Sun & God's Keep  

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DEADLINE—Voter Registration for Primaries
You must be registered as a Libertarian in the State of Florida to vote for Augustus Invictus!


Pre-primary Debate in Miami Beach, 5:45pm–8:00pm


Invictus Speaks—Chicago (7-10pm)

Liberty Fest: New York City


Invictus Speaks—Austin, TX

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