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Another Victim of Media Ignorance: A Personal Defense of Augustus Sol Invictus
Augustus with James Chillemi

ATPR Founder, Contributor Endorse Augustus Invictus
Augustus Invictus with Max Dickstein

Senatorial candidate Invictus and Councilman Grayson collaborate to produce Criminal Justice Reform platform
Augustus Invictus with Councilman Keon Antonio Grayson

Councilman Keon Antonio Grayson and Augustus Invictus collaborate on criminal justice reform platform. Augustus is scheduled to speak about these platform points on July 29th in Miami; details on that event to follow.

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For Immediate Release

July 27, 2016


Orlando—When Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate, Augustus Invictus, inquired of his opponent Paul Stanton to denounce a death threat against him issued by Charles Peralo, Peralo, who endorsed Stanton, reported the post to Facebook.

“Facebook banned me, not Peralo, for three days,” said Invictus. “I reported the erroneous ban to Facebook four times, and instead of lifting the ban, they simply took away the option for me to report it anymore.” Yesterday, the Stanton campaign, once again, complained to Facebook and Facebook in turn has banned him from Facebook for the next seven days, he said.

“Stanton reported a meme criticizing him for condemning violence while repeatedly harping on his military service,” said Invictus. “The Stanton campaign has declined comment, yet he defends the censorship on Twitter.” He cannot have it both ways, said Invictus.

“Stanton has right refused to debate me for the entirety of his campaign,” he added. “He even failed to show up to a scheduled debate during the National Convention of the Libertarian Party in Orlando. He has now gone from trying to ignore our campaign to attempting to outright silence it by appealing to Facebook to censor us on social media.”

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Fireside Chats

Fireside chats express the true substance of the Invictus campaign platform, exploring current issues of vital concern to the future of western civilization.

On the New Idol 24 July 2016

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Any media representative wishing to schedule an interview with Augustus Invictus may inquire at

13 July 2016
Hillsborough County Town Hall

Speech and Q&A with Augustus Invictus from the LPHC town hall meeting

11 July 2016
Ideological Dogma

Liberty Machine (w/ Richard Heathen) with guest Augustus Invictus

On the Campaign Trail ...

At the Florida State Libertarian Convention

"Powerful speech. Excellent delivery. A far cry from the mindless dictates of the vast majority of candidates the voters love and throw money at, who speak of 'standing up' in Washington, whatever that means, and make baseless economic promises allegedly 'for the children' ... Quite refreshing Mr. Invictus!"

—Bill Wohlsifer

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The Possibility of Revolution

The Possibility of Revolution

Full transcripts of all speeches from the Florida State tour, May 2016. If you are looking to understand the core of our campaign, we recommend reading these.

The Flame Inscribed

Fireside Chat Transcripts

Full transcripts of all Augustus Invictus' Fireside Chats from 2015 through Independence Day, 2016. If you are looking to understand the deeper soul of our campaign, read these or listen to the Fireside Chats.

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Pre-primary Debate in Miami Beach, 5:45pm–8:00pm


Invictus Speaks—Chicago (7-10pm)

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