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Abolish the Federal Reserve

Few Americans are aware that our money is printed not by the Federal Government but by the Federal Reserve. Few Americans are aware that the Federal Reserve is not a branch of our Government but is actually a group of private banks; or that the Federal Reserve lends money to our government at interest; or that this usurpation of power by private banks is intended to make the banks richer, not to help the public good. It is a force inimical to the American people, and it is the foremost cause of economic ruin in our country. We must repeal the Federal Reserve Act and abolish the Federal Reserve. [cf. “A Plan for Eliminating the Federal Reserve”]

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Latest Interviews!

Any media representative wishing to schedule an interview with Augustus Invictus may inquire at

17 August 2016
Truth Emerges

Anarchy Austin and Liberty Lisa on GUERRILLA RADIO, with special guest Augustus Invictus

15 August 2016
Liberty Hangout Podcast

Episode #22 with Augustus Invictus

12 August 2016
News Without Filters

Augustus Invictus tells the inside story of his campaign for U.S. Senate and the historic primary on August 30.

Fireside Chats

Fireside chats express the true substance of the Invictus campaign platform, exploring current issues of vital concern to the future of western civilization.

On the Marketplace of Ideas 07 August 2016

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— An endorsement by Jote’ Thompson

Florida Libertarian Senate Primary Race

— An endorsement by Scott D. Nicholson

Another Victim of Media Ignorance: A Personal Defense of Augustus Sol Invictus
Augustus with James Chillemi

Transcripts Available

The Possibility of Revolution

Full transcripts of all speeches from the Florida State tour, May 2016. If you are looking to understand the core of our campaign, we recommend reading these.

The Complete Fireside Chat Transcripts

All of Augustus Invictus' Fireside Chats from 2015 through Independence Day, 2016. If you are looking to understand the deeper soul of our campaign, read these or listen to the Fireside Chats.

Augustus Invictus on his motorcycle

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Polk County LPF monthly meeting, 6:00-9:00pm

Miami-Dade Town Hall, 7:30-10:30pm


Invictus Victory Party!!!
8/30 @ 3:00pm – 8/31 @ 11:00pm

Liberty Fest: New York City


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